“When defining your KPIs within Place Brand Management, I strongly recommend asking Martin to facilitate the process. Developing the KPIs for the Oslo region, a workshop with Martin helped us avoid the many pitfalls.” – Marit Høvik Hartmann (2015)

“Martin was an adviser in the procurement phase, helped coin or strategy, and a vice chairman in our Advisory Board. In addition to his vast knowledge, one of his characteristics is the ability to ask the questions that helps to stay on track and get the priorities right.” – Øyvind Såtvedt (2014)

“Martin offers singular clarity into how to approach a problem, a project, or programme of work. He is clear in goal-setting and applies a rigorous methodology to ensuring the objective is met. An insightful and passionate speaker with a comprehensive knowledge of his topic.” – David Adam (2013)

“Martin Boisen has an impressive amount of knowledge and experience and you are sure to get his full attention when discussing a challenge with him. A good listener, critical and full of passion for our field. Working with Martin is a true pleasure.” – Eline Faber (2013)

“Martin brengt nieuwe dynamiek het land der citymarketeers. Is als geen ander in staat om een wetenschappelijke benadering van het vak Citymarketing om te zetten naar praktische uitvoering. Heeft een duidelijke mening en is sterk actie gericht.” – Raymond Smits van Waesberghe (2012)

“During the process of creating a strategy for the regional branding of Brabant, I asked Martin to be our advisor. He has proven to be a very critical, pro-active advisor. Very punctual, and with great commitment to the topic.” – Conny Moonen (2011)