The Öresund Region


Commissioned by

Øresundsbron is the company who operates and owns the bridge between the Danish capital of Copenhagen and the 3rd-largest Swedish city of Malmö.


Martin Boisen was commissioned in 2008.

The Context

The bridge across the Sont (“Øresundsbroen/Öresundsbron”) connects the two thriving cities of Copenhagen and Malmö, and allows for cultural, social and economic interaction and integration between them and their respective countries. A new region arises who combines the best of these two worlds and creates a true Scandinavian powerhouse.

My Contribution

I conducted a workshop with several experts exploring the name of the region and giving our opinion of this from a place branding perspective. The region had already been named after the strait between the two cities – as a result of a political compromise.


We advised that the region should’ve been named “the Copenhagen-Malmö Region”, to make use of the familiarity and brand equity of the Danish capital while recognizing Malmö and underline the partnership between them.