Oslo Region

Operations / Organisation / Strategy

Commissioned by

Oslo Business Region & Oslo Regional Alliance, including the City of Oslo and 71 other muncipalities in the region.


The strategy was awarded “Place Brand of the Year” from CityNationPlace in 2015.


BOISEN was commissioned from 2014 to 2015.

The Context

Oslo is one of the fastest growing capital cities in Europe, and it’s growth will continue the coming years making it one of the most interesting places to invest and/or visit. This development, combined with the Norwegian welfare society and the Scandinavian values of an open, transparant and egalitarian society makes for a very high quality of life and a thriving business climate. However, Oslo doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and isn’t recognized for its full potential abroad.

Our Contribution

We advised Oslo on it’s ambitions for enhancing it’s international position. Through workshops, sparring and pre-tender advice we advised on the public relations, the stakeholder analysis and the content and organisation of the place brand management strategy. Also, we conducted an inside-out analysis on how Oslo is perceived amongst its key stakeholders. Martin Boisen functioned as vice chairman of the advisory board throughout the process.